Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cello Wrapping

I think today is a great day to show everyone how to cello wrap a gift.  Step by step instructions will be posted on my page "The Art Of Gift Wrapping" by the end of today.  Cello paper can turn any gift into something that would be a absolute delight to receive.  Remember, presentation is everything!  I use cello often when wrapping.  I have different lengths as well as many different patterned cello wrap.  You will find it  available at most craft, party and dollar stores.  I personally prefer the heavy cello wrap.  There are different qualities and the thinner wrap tends to tear easily.   I believe with get what you pay for.  The heavier quality is a little more expensive, however, it is worth the extra dollar or two. 

 I've chosen to wrap a candle approximately
3" X 3" in clear cello and thought I would show two different looks. 

Using a rectangular piece of Cello

 I left the cello the original length that was cut.  I used curly ribbon as a bow and then added a few extra pieces of the same ribbon and curled it slightly. 

Same as above only once it was completely wrapped I cut the top straight across

 I added a pink bow and curly ribbon to give this gift a different look.  The video for this particular bow will be added soon to my page "The Art Of Gift Wrapping."  

So there you have one candle and two looks.  By changing up the bow, trimming the cello and even adding an adornment if you wish ....the possibilities are endless. 

I will also be showing how to make a gift look twice the size when wrapped in cello as well as wrapping multiple items with cello in one package.  Hope to see you then.

Have a great day!  Thanks for visiting.
Visit my page on The Are of Gift Wrapping for the video

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