Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines Day Is Almost Here...Are You Ready?

A jute bow was added to this card to
give it a little more texture

I wanted a different way to add the hearts
without any adhesive

I had a
square red votive that I wanted to use so
I started looking through my
cupboards searching for
something that might show
off the candle best.  I
came across this glass container
with a long stem - gorgeous! 
It was going to be perfect 
for a couple of looks I had in mind. 

I cut out a red heart and punched
two holes holes for the ribbon
to attach through.  I used
13 inches of white grosgrain ribbon
and placed it around the stem of the
container.  I then pulled each end
through the holes and tied
a bow.  The picture above
shows the ribbon around the
stem of the container.

Here is another look using
the same container.
In this picture I used the same
container only this time I 
placed a white votive inside 
and used a curly ribbon bow.  
I tied the curly bow onto the 

A closer look at the curly ribbon bow 
attached at the top of the stem
just below the bowl of the

I will have all the step by step instructions on how to make the cards on my Card page
and how to make the curly ribbon bow on my How To page.

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