Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Oh Man?  Tell me it isn't so, please?  Wednesday again????  Ahhh, come on...really?

I'm not quite sure what happened to the other days of the week but it seems to me like there are seven Wednesday's in a week for crying out loud. 

Well's WOYWW again!  What is WOYWW  you ask?  Let me tell you.  It's something we all blame on Julia ...the Goddess of Cyber Snooping.    You'll see what I mean.  If I can be perfectly honest here, Julia has created a monster.   Every Wednesday people from around the world gather to actually snoop in other people's creativity!  Can you believe it?  If you want to be apart of this creativity here.  As the story take a picture of your work desk - as it is.  Whatever you do......don't clean it up!!!!!  If you don't believe me....tidy it and then see what happens!  Don't say I didn't warn you!!!  Then, once you've taken the picture...... you post the picture and link it to "The stamping Ground"....Julia's Wednesday Cyber Snoop - this is the monster I speak of.  Bahahahahaha!

Actually, it's so much fun I can't begin to tell you.  The awesomeness of people will blow your mind.  I'm not going to go on and'll have to check it out for yourself.

Not much happening here really.  I'm working on something I really have no clue how it's going to turn out at this point. 

I must get back to creating now so visit the links above and check out what I've been going on about.
Happy snooping and visit again soon!



  1. please post the finished product, I would love to see what comes of this!

  2. Lots of folk seem to be tidying up - I am not - so just relax. Green and brown looks fab together.

    Thanks for the peek - enjoy your week!

    Sarah at 8.

  3. I agree entirely! I can't believe how short the week is between one Wednesday & the next- I reckon someone is going round stealing days, and collecting them up so they can have extra holidays,lol. Shaz #76

  4. Now that's a pile of green and what are you going to do... can't wait to see...!

  5. Yep I agree...the weeks are getting shorter LOL

    Toni :o)

  6. What are you up to now then? Lovely colour combo :) Di x #31

  7. Hi there, Running very late here happy belated WOYWW – thanks for popping over! and do love your pickies and promising desk, etc, love the card finished in post above too! gorgeous!! Shaz in oz.x

  8. Sometimes the thing is just to start creating and then where it will take you from there.


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