Saturday, May 28, 2011

American Idol Live Tour 2011

I'm so excited.  My favourite radio station 104.5 CHUM FM  located in Toronto, Ontario Canada is running a contest to win American Idol Live Tour 2011 tickets.  When the radio station announces the contest you must be the 25th caller.  Well, guess what.....I was, and I won, 2 tickets to see the tour on Sept. 9th, 2011.  It just so happened that I won the tickets on Friday (yesterday) which was my daughter's 22nd Birthday.   I have been an Idol fan since the inception of the show.  Excuse me for yelling but, I LOVE IT!   My daughter has been so caught up with her birthday and all the stuff that goes on with a 22 year old (party at our house with 20+ of her closest friends last night celebrating) that I haven't even told her she is going yet.  OK, I think I'm coming down off my Idol high.  Breathe in, breath out and relax!  So, I just had to tell someone my news and that I'm really looking forward to the show. 

Thanks for listening to me boast!  Did I tell you how excited I am?  I'm so excited!!!  I will let you know how wonderful it was after the show. 

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  1. That was a lovely surprise for the'll be counting off the days now and what a super surprise to round off your daughter's birthday.

    Toni xx


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