Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've Got Nothing ....

.... much on my desk to share with you this lovely morning.

I hope I made you smile with my artwork on my coffee mug?   You'll have to go see what all this is about
over at the Stamping Ground.    Or go visit JULIA, she is
the Big Grape in this global vine of craftiness.  Either link will get you there and then you'll know exactly what to do.
You'll see my Activia (peach flavour) or what's left of it anyways, coffee (lukewarm) and my blackberry.  I'm just getting in touch with a few people before I did anything else this morning and now that I've done that, I'm good to go.   Ooops .....hang on, sorry!!!  There goes my blackberry!  I'm back.  That was my friend.  She is preparing for a 60k walk.  It's the Weekend to End Women's Cancers supporting the Princess Margaret Hospital.  It's a very long walk, for such a great cause.  If you have a minute please see what wonderful things are being done by many great people like you and me, click on the links above and below. 
I'm walking beside my dear friend when I can, as she prepares for this amazing weekend journey.  In an earlier post you will recall me writing about a much awaited call?  It was Her that received the call and now she wants to make sure that she is doing everything she can so she and all other women will be as lucky as she was this time.

About The Weekend
The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's Cancers™ benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret is an evolution of our historic journey for all women. During one amazing weekend, September 10-11, 2011, thousands will join together to walk the epic 2-Day or amazing new 1-Day distance, united in the battle against all women’s cancers. All Walkers will be fully supported with regular Pit Stops, hydration, food and medical care--should it be needed. It’s a massive undertaking, and that’s why participation is more critical than ever. The Weekend was built upon the courageous efforts by everyday people, transforming a small grassroots effort into one of Canada’s biggest difference-making endeavours for all women. Weekend funds support the critical work of The Campbell Family Institute at the Princess Margaret and their efforts to end breast and gynecologic cancers in our lifetime, diseases that one in seven Canadian women will be diagnosed with in her lifetime. Together we can help impact the lives of thousands throughout Toronto and across Canada; each step that we take leads us closer to a cure for both breast and gynecologic cancers. One Weekend truly can make a lifetime of difference.
About Women's Cancers

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.


  1. I started giggling when I saw the title of your post.....then I broke out in a full belly laugh when I saw your cup !
    I wish I had your skillz. I didn't have anything new either so I dug up an old project and added it to my paperplay blog. Pop over when you are not busy getting your feet ready for the 60K - wow that's a walk !
    C-ya !

  2. Good luck with your walk. That's quite a coffee mug you have! Happy WOYWW!

  3. Gosh that's gonna be some walk - good luck.

    Love your mug.

    Toni xx

  4. Thanks for making me laugh with the mug good luck with the walk
    thanks for sharing

  5. I wish your friend good luck in her walk! That is a very long one indeed!

    And your coffee cup cracked me up. :-D

  6. Lol, love the mug, looks surprised to be here! Good luck with the walking, we did a breast cancer walk here a couple of weeks ago. My pink tshirt from the walk is packed for the upcoming camping weekend. Email Jo for the twine, bet she's got loads left!


  7. Love the mug... good luck with the walking

  8. Love the mug... good luck with the walking

  9. What a fab mug. Definitely a conversation piece.
    Good luck with the walk

  10. Your desk made me smile ...I always have a look back on what some have been doing over the week ...and what a great treat that was traveling back on yours ...thank you ....then I came to last weeks woyww ...I dont remember this, I thought ...horror struck ...I mised you sorry xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Good luck with the walk! great effect on the mug! :o)

  12. Hi there, Thanks for sharing your desk this week! I'm dashing around this week like the white rabbit; places to go and things to see! Hope you have a lovely week. You made me smile!

  13. What a giggle at your mug - I almost missed this posting, where have I been?!? Good luck with the walk - that's some hike! Di xx

  14. Thanks for popping over! sorry running late! my "end of weeks" seems to be very busy would be better if on Monday or weekend for me.. not worry better late than never, your desk gave us all a smile and all the best with the walking too.. . Happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x
    PS love the house mouse cards above!!

  15. Here for a late snoop and loved your fun post. Good luck with your charitable endeavours... worthwhile causes too...
    Love joZarty x

  16. I am Late Late Late......for my desk hop this week, so much so its another WOYWW tomorrow! I must say I LOVE your blog! Its a great much more to look at & read & learn from! I have really enjoyed my visit! Thank you for your kind comments about my desk last week!


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