Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've Received A Blog Award!

I was surprised then excited, Verklempt then touched and so many other emotions I can't even explain.  I think I now know how people feel when they receive an award for doing something they love.  I started blogging about six months ago because of this passion I have for Christmas.  I decided that I wanted to share everything I've learned over the last 20 years.  Christmas is such a wonderful time of year when many celebrate traditions and spend time with family.  I want everyone to feel the magic of the Season!  Although Christmas truly excites me, it's not the only thing.  I love to create and have been scrapbooking and doing crafty things for many years but it's been only the last few years that I've begun making cards, and I love it!

Misteejay, back on July 12th shared an award with me.  She said, and I quote..."The Crafty Elf is partly responsible for getting me into 'Challenges' - I saw all the lovely stuff on her site and had to wander off and have a go too".  Now, wasn't that nice?

Here is the award.....

Misteejay.....thank you!  This is my first award and I can't tell you how it feels.  It's not even about the award really!  To think that someone has given me an award, when there are so many worthy blogs out there, is unreal.  You've inspired me with your work, that's what's so amazing!  So, to know that I've made a difference in some way for you .....makes this award that much more special!

So, here is where I'm supposed to share seven little or unknown things about me and then pass this award on to 8 other bloggers.  Alrighty then, lets get going......ummmmmm

1)  I love sports, any and all.  One of my favourites, was/is volleyball.  I played volleyball for over 30 years both competitive and recreational and decided to give it up a couple of years ago when the body just couldn't handle the injuries anymore.  Too many sprained fingers and ankles, the healing time and long term effects were at a point where I needed to make a decision.  There comes a time when you realize you need to hang up the knee pads.

2)  Money!  I loved money!  Not mine....the banks.  I loved the counting, the depositing, the withdrawing, the investing, the cheques and everything else about it.  It started when I was young.  My Grandmother had a silver dollar collection and she would sit and watch while I sorted and recorded the dates and value of her collection.  Who would have thought back then, when I was about 9, that I would one day work in a bank?  I did, and for several years.  I was even promoted to Assistant Branch Manager at the age of 23.  Did I have a calling or what?  How things have changed though!  I don't care about the banks money anymore...they have tons.  I only care about mine!!

3)  This one, I've just got to share with you.  Does anyone remember The Brady Bunch?  How about...Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?  Ya, well....I met her!  Maureen McCormick was her name to her family and friends.  I was at a restaurant in California (I won that trip - another story for later, maybe) with my Mom and we ran into her.  I was 18 at the time (typical 18 year old) and my Mom saw this young woman who she recognized from the TV show, The Brady Bunch.  My Mom said she was going to go over and ask for an autograph and being a typical 18 year old I expressed my annoyance and embarrassment.   My Mom, ingnoring my age appropriate attitude, walked right over to Marcia Brady and said,  "my daughter (pointing over at me) wants an autograph but is too embarrassed to ask."  I was mortified and so not impressed with my Mother!!!  Regardless of how I felt back then....I can share that story today.  Thanks Mom!

4)  Girlfriends!  I'm very lucky to have so many.  Some are from childhood and the growing up years, many from the early days of our children at school and organized sports, some are through work and others are just friends through friends.  Regardless of who or where we've met...you can never have too many friends.  We enjoy many Girls Night Out, Girls WeekendsGolf and Girls Getaways!  Need I say more?  Girlfriends Rock!

5)  Sisters!  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have three (3) of the most amazing sisters!  I am #3 of 4.  We all get along, our children and even our husbands get along.  We have a very close, wonderful family.  I'm so lucky!  Holidays are something we all look so forward too.  If someone isn't able to make it to a family event....there is Skype.  So, we Skype them....all together!  Our family ranges from age 3 unborn to 80 this year.  Life is too short, so make each day count!  Family is so important!

6)  Buttons....there is something about buttons.  Not the ones on your shirt or your pants, but the ones on machines.  Phones, adding machines, calculators, keyboards, cell phones.  Can't explain it, sorry!  I was a cashier (go figure from #2 above) at Kresge's many many years ago.  They had these cash registers back then, the best ever, they were awesome.  Buttons, lots of them.  You'd pushed each button, the dollar amount first then the cent amount.  Once you were done pushing in the value of each item.... you got to push a sub total button (yay), than a total button (yipee)...so many buttons!  All those buttons, the feel, the pushing of each plastic piece......the sound it made, the sensation you felt, it was the best.  Couldn't wait to finish each person so I could do it all over again with the next customer.  Many years later (after the bank) I was a cashier again at a grocery store.....OMGosh - loved it!  Unfortunately...that only lasted a few months because of my banking experience (darn), I was moved to the office with all the money!  I still dream of being a cashier.  Do you want to know the what the SCARY part is?  My daughter is just the same, she loves buttons! 

Last but certainly not least......

7)  I make a mean Cosmopolitan (refer to #4) !  Who would have thought that there is a science to making a great drink?  The liquid, as it runs over the "perfect" ice cube(s).  The order in which you pour the necessary ingredients.  What is that about?  Does it make a difference?  Yup, it does!  Tried and true!  In case you're interested.....here is where I learned it from.  Enjoy!  ;D

Boy oh boy.... you now know more about me than I bet you cared too!  LOL Oh well, I had fun sharing it with you and like crafting it's gotta be fun or why do it?

There are so many wonderful people who deserve this award so for those I don't  mention, please know that your loyalty and blog friendship means a lot to me as well. 
Now ....I must pass this award on to 8 people and in no particular order here they are. 

#1) Judy
#2)  Misteejay
#3)  Di
#4)  Lisa
#5)  Marianne
#6)  Gay
#7)  Julia
#8)  Okienurse

Each and everyone of the above wonderful ladies has supported me, inspired me and made a difference to me in one way or another. Probably without even knowing and for that....I truly thank you!  I wish to continue to blog so maybe I can inspire and make a difference to someone else as others have done for me. 

 Not everyone participates in Blog Awards which is totally understandable and a personal preference.  Those who I have passed this award onto may do as they wish, I will not be offended.
Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.
Thanks for visiting


  1. Hello there, Wow!! what great information about you I feel I know you a bit better now and thank you so much for thinking of me, you are really very kind. I love the sentiment behind blog awards, to know that you've made a difference to somebody is just so special, so thank you. I have been blogging for a few years now and I have decided not to participate in awards, please don't be offended, it's definitely not personal and I genuinely appreciate the thought, so big hugs and congratulations on your award, Gay xxx

  2. P.s Thank you for the little button thingy, I'll take that if I may, it's a lovely gadget, hugs Gay xxx

  3. Lovely to find out about the folk I 'visit' - I remember the Brady Bunch well and I can totally understand your feelings at the time...my Mum was so like that, actually, she still is LOL

    Thank you so much for passing back the award.

    Love & hugs
    Toni xx

  4. Gosh Elf Woman, I'm enormously flattered that you think my blog has been some sort of help or inspiration..how kind of you to think of me. Meanwhile, I'm a bit worried about you - how long did it take you to sort through the styles to find the 'perfect' ice cube then?!!!!

  5. Hi Janice! You are the sweetest thing! I'm just back from Chicago... went to CHA last week... and am going through emails. Yours led, of course, to this post, which has made my day! Thank you so much for the honor!

    I truly enjoyed reading about you... you crack me up! I'm a little like you... I love buttons, too, and money (can't get enough, though!), and I treasure my friends and family. I'd love to try your perfect cosmopolitan! And I definitely know who Maureen McCormick is. ;)

    Thanks again for making my day!



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