Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Little Here....

....a little there.  Wa happened? 

Where did my money go?

Have you ever found yourself wondering where the money in your wallet went?  What did you spend it on? You try and figure out all the things you bought?  You're a little perplexed for a minute - or two.

We go back in our minds and go through where all of our money went, and even though we have a general idea about it, we sometimes cannot place where it all went.

I started with $40.00 the other day, but where did it go?  I have a couple Toonies (here in Canada a Toonie is $2.00) and a Loonie (that's a dollar or a crazy person - in my case it's a dollar) and some small change left in my wallet.  So, let me retrace what I've bought.  Think now, hmmmm........think hard!  Can you hear the wheels turning?  I know I gave my son a Toonie for hockey the other night.  I also had to pick up a dozen eggs, milk, broccoli and grapes (this is not for one meal, honestly).  That's another $11.00, so now we are at $13.00.  I bought some tape for my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (ATG gun) at Michael's (a must have) that was another $9.99.  Oh, oh, ....I had a 50% off coupon which took off $5.00 so with tax it was about $5.64.  New total, just under $19.00 and I have that $5.00 or just slightly more (remember the Toonies, Loonie and change), that was in my purse that makes it around $24.00.  There may have been a coffee in there for my mom and I and I do remember also buying a lemonade the other day because I was parched from this heat.  I'm now at $30.00 or so and the other roughly $10.00 is a blur. 

It wasn't until I was reading an article on keeping track of the money in your wallet that I found out where the other $30.00 went.  I know I said I had $10.00 left but I remember and have the receipt for the $30.00 worth of gas I put in my car.  I'm now in the hole $20.00?  Say what?????

Here is a tip from an article I found that I just have to share with you.
Have a budget. If you are in the habit of bringing your purse wherever you go, then always have a budget for everyday expenses. A wallet should serve as money holder not money spender. Simply put, the money in your wallet should be enough to be spent on gas, lunch, and everything you will spend for the day plus the ‘emergency money that it should contain. In order not to mix up the money for everyday expenses to emergency funds then keep the emergency fund in a different pocket. Label it as emergency fund.

I'm not saying that the paragraph above is not content worthy however, why would you not bring your lunch to work instead of spending money on it.  I'm assuming they are speaking on behalf of most who are going to work everyday.  Isn't that a smart money saving tip?  Just asking!  The other stupid thing I was wondering was, why wouldn't you bring your purse wherever you go?  Am I missing something here?  Is it me?  Who wrote this article anyways?

I think it pays to keep your reciepts and be very aware of the little purchases you make.  I think it's those little purchases that add up and chew away at the money in your wallet.  For the most part, I'm usually very careful but I thought it was interesting when trying to remember what I had purchased with my $40.00.  Thinking back there may have just been an extra $20.00 bill sitting inside my wallet to begin with knowing I needed gas. Fewf.....that was brutal!  I think I broke out in a sweat there for a minute. 
So....can you account for every cent you spend?  Next time you have money in your wallet see if you know where it goes. 

Before I leave ....I just have to share with you another one of the stupid tips from this article.  I'm bad I know, sorry.  I need to know if it's just me. 

Here is the tip;
Do not disregard that change. If you have some spare coins after the day, keep it. Do not think that it is nothing. It helps a lot especially when you need some change. Some people do not see the value of keeping the change. It is valuable in its little ways. It will be appreciated in times of need.

OK, does this person think that people just throw away spare coins?  Do people do that?  Maybe the noise of the coins is so irritating people have to toss them out so they don't have to listen to the clanging? 

I promise in the future I will only use valuable content however I had to share this with you all as I found it quite funny. 

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.


  1. I'm glad it's not just me who thinks the money is disappearing. I also think there is too much month in between time flying because we are all so desperate to reach our next payday?

    Throw coins away - never! I have a pot and when I get too many in my purse I put them there and every so often bag them up and take them along to the's surprising how quickly they mount up.

    Toni xx

  2. Had to smile at this - I put it all down to the moths in my purse who eat the banknotes! Di xx

  3. Lol - that's really funny! I suppose if you had some spare change left at the end of the day, you could consider throwing it to some passing peasants?

    As for the 'bringing your purse' everywhere thing (I'm assuming that by 'purse' they mean 'handbag', lol) - the only time I don't take it is when I'm out for the evening. Does it matter, anyway, whether you take it everywhere or not? Surely the tip works the same way? :D


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