Monday, July 4, 2011

Shades of Blue......and the fly!

The only thing blue about this past long weekend was the sky.  We had amazing weather with one sunshine filled day after the next, it was awesome.  Speaking of blue, or shades there of, I'm playing along with the Less Is More challenge today.  Mandi and Chrissie are the authors of this wonderful weekly challenge and if you haven't heard of it, or them, you really should check it out.  Here is just a snippit from their challenge,

Here we are in the first week of a new month and our challenge once more is


For our challenge this week we would like to see you use


You can use a white card base, but we do want to see more than one colour of blue, not just one!

If you visit Less Is More you will see some wonderful inspiration and well over 100 stunning entries for this challenge.  Yes, it is that popular not to mention there is a wonderful sponsor offering $25.00 to spend at their shop.  How can you loose?  You can't!

OMGosh......this is one for the books!!!!

The Fly!!!!

I have to be honest and let everyone know that I wasn't as engaged in this challenge as I should have been or, tried to be...whatever!  Not because this wasn't an awesome challenge because it was.  You see, there was this pesky little thing bothering me the entire time I was trying to make my card.  I just couldn't focus.

This darn fly was buzzing around my head at first.  The sound was like you hear when a mosquito is flying near your ear, at night, while your lying quietly trying to sleep - ya, that sound!  (*sigh*)
My arms were flailing around trying to get this thing away from me.  I must have looked ridiculous.  This went on for about twenty minutes straight.  Then finally, it would land and there would be silence.  No crazy lady waving her arms around like an idiot.  I tried and tried to smack it dead for what felt like an hour but I was fighting a loosing battle.  I'm not lying to you, this insect was relentless!!!  It had it out for me, or so it seemed!  It was coming at me like it was on a mission.  No question ..... this fly was ticked!  I couldn't believe it and have never seen anything like it. 

The paper I was using to swat it away?  It landed on it as if to say neener, neener, neener! 

I cleaned my stamp with a wipe, put the wipe down and then immediately, the fly landed on that too.  I was beginning to lose it!  Sorry for the blurry picture I was checking to see if this insect was wearing a helmet.  It wasn't until I had finished my card that I finally caught a break.  My dive bombing fly had moved on. 

My creation for the Shades of Blue challenge and tale of the fly is complete.

It's kinda funny that I would make a card with a theme of a place that I would have rather been than fighting off an insect, coincidence?  LOL

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.
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  1. Your fly story is too funny! Glad you finally got him!! LOVE the flip flop...excellent choice and definitely summery! My Card

  2. Summer is definately here, great 'beach' card

  3. Very cute choice for a card! I have a die that is a foot and flip flop so I should use it!

  4. Hi there, Love the flip flop card, perfect for this weeks challenge:0) What a pesky fly, well done getting him LOL Gay xxx

  5. A fabulous flip flop and a funny fly saga! xx

  6. Hate flies...

    I love the card - that flip-flop looks super.

    Toni xx

  7. Cute card...hate those pesky flys. Love the seashells in your card.

  8. So, so funny!! Love the card too :) Di xx

  9. What a FAB flip flop! Would love a pair of those!
    Great coincidence with the book lol
    Thank you
    Diva LIM
    "Less is More"

  10. Love the flip flop...good job you didn't use it to swot the little blighter ;)
    Jenny x

  11. Love your gorgeous flip flop! Your card has a gorgeous summery feel. That fly could obviously see that you were finished - that's why he moved on! Spooky!


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