Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stop The Insanity!

My husband told me that my neighbour was out very early this morning, up on the ladder with his little container collecting the Japanese Beetles off his tree AGAIN!  He's not going to win...will someone tell him?  There are just too many of the those little suckers!  Not to mention we are in the early stages of summer still so for every one beetle he's taking off, a kazillion are flying around waiting to take it's place and turn his leaves into lace. 

Give me the strength, please!  I want those blinders the horses wear so I don't have to see this poor man fighting this loosing battle.

P.S.  My tree is looking lovely.  Not a beetle in sight....well, on my tree anyway.


  1. Err, maybe he knows a cook somewhere who coats 'em in chocolate and sells them as a delicacy? Maybe he has a nice little business going? Or, maybe, just maybe........he doesn't know when he's beaten? Di xx

  2. I suppose it gives him something to do LOL

    Glad your tree is okay now.

    Toni xx

  3. Ha! But you need to consider that your neighbour may have absolutely nothing else to do and it's more about that than the actual beetle...if it were my Dad, I can see this being the case...Mum would encourage him, just to get him out of her pocket!! Too funny!


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