Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I think is should read WOYWW 911!  Someone call for help and quick! 

Even the frame can't help!
Look at the mess, will you?  How am I supposed to get anything done here?  You're only seeing one side of my desk (by design), the other side is just as bad - trust me.  The only space I have left to work on right now is on top of my keyboard and that simply won't do!  I really don't want to put everything away either because I'm using it.  Maybe I should just scrape it on to the floor, what do you think? 

There we go....nice and clean now except for a tiny scrap here and there, isn't it wonderful?  Space and plenty of it!  Where it all went is my secret, but let's just say it's within reach. 

Off you go now and have a peek at all the other interesting desks around the world.  Click here to begin the journey into the cyber vortex of creativity with our Creator and Queen...enjoy the ride!


  1. Now that is one messy desk...but beautifully presented - so go on, do tell, where did you put it all.

    I can tell you that there's nowt wrong with using the floor or any other surface for that matter LOL As long as the stash remains within reach it'll get used.

    Toni xx

  2. That does not look messy to me - it looks creative and fun! I'm sure you'll have some great projects out of that stack. :)

  3. Looks like a major Photoshop job in piccy 2 - as long as it's a creative mess you're ok.

    Thanks for sharing today!

  4. I usually just shove everything to the side and sort through it later...or toss it all in a basket to go through...later!

  5. Oh Crafty Elf - you have just joined the WOYWW band of 'push back' crafters....create space at any cost but without tidying up. Oh yeah! Great post!

  6. LOL, whenever I clean up my work area by the end of a project it is all filled up with "stuff". :-)

  7. I think afew of us are in the same boat this week .Me especially too embarrased to show peeps today maybe next week if i get time to tidy up!
    Have fab creative week
    hugs judex 8

  8. Mid project desks are always the best! bet that bit of space you cleared is full now though eh?? ;o) Thanks for sharing x

  9. Great desk, thanks for the visit, Shaz

  10. ah fun items on the desk and not that messy what we can see sorry late this week, Shaz in Oz.x

  11. I spy some LOTV circle stamps there. I have those and just love them to bits.
    Your desk is looking very elegant in it's frame and I just had to laugh at the thought of you just scrappping it all onto the floor.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisa #72


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