Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frances Abell Brand - Quilts

One thing on my Bucket List (things to do before I die) is to make a quilt.  Talking about it with my Mom yesterday and doing a little homework for interest sake had me looking at some of my "famous" Aunt's work.  Frances Abell Brand is well known for her quilts and wishing she lived closer would have allowed me to learn some tricks of the trade.  Here is a snippet from Fine Craft Network written a few years back.

Two Visionaries: Frances Abell Brand and Molly Upton

Museum of American Quilter's Society (KY) now - March 8,2003

The quilts made by Frances Abell Brand represent 26 years of her work, 1974 to 2002. Her quilts are a natural growth and extension of her early work studying and perfecting the techniques found in early American decoration. It is here that we see the love of traditional elements, adapted from historical designs, reinterpreted in fabrics found in quilts but those necessary to serve her purpose.

Karen from Of Quilts and Other Musings  posted this about my Aunt.
Another stunning quilt was Fruitorama by Frances Abell Brand of West Dennis, MA.

This center medallion, mixed medium quilt uses beautiful fall colors.
The center medallion is theorem painted on velvet and there are four additional small theorem paintings.
Quilt related quotations are handwritten in the four cartouches; this one reads: "Quilting is not a matter of life and death, it is more important than that". The quilt is hand quilted!

This next one has to be among one of my favourites that Auntie Frances made. 

This was posted on My Quilt Place by Cindie White - Weiss August 7, 2011.  Here is what Cindie had to say,
Fran Brand is an amazing applique artist. She's getting on in years but is as sharp as a tack. And she continues to make awesome quilts. This hung in this year's Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod annual show for 2011.

Roosters by Frances Abell Brand
Roosters by Frances Abell Brand
There are many more sites, plenty of magazines and even a Museum where Auntie Frances's work is shown.  I've sent many of these links to my Mom (Frances Abell Brands Niece - Barbara Brand) and she is copying them all and we are sending it to Auntie Frances, along with a note. 

Frances Abell Brand is an extremely talented and wonderful lady!  I wish I had her talent!!

This is a little shout out to Marianne who is making a lovely quilt full of amazing colours.  You should see it, it's terrific!  Can't wait to see it finished.



  1. I am in awe of those amazing, wonderful quilts. How on earth do you start something like that? Simply fantastic, I wish I could sew like that! Hugs, LLJ xx

  2. What beautiful quilts. I love seeing the work that goes into these wonderful pieces but I know I wouldn't have the patience to do one myself.

    Toni xx

  3. Wow, these are really gorgeous. Missed you for a couple of weeks, how wonderful to have someone so talented to inspire. Have a good week, Shaz

  4. Oh wow! Now I know where it comes from - fantastic work! Good to have you back, hugs, Di xx


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