Monday, September 5, 2011

It Never Fails.....

Each week at the end of our driveway, rolled up neatly and shoved in a plastic sleeve are the flyer's sent out by all the competing grocery and electronic stores as well as the local newspaper and real estate news.  As soon as I see it, I run out and grab it!  I love to pour myself a cup of coffee and peruse through all the houses for sale, local news and see what stores have my favourite groceries and household supplies on sale.  The paper lands on the driveway usually Thursdays and all the specials start on Friday. 

From this point on, toilet paper will be referred to as TP, I believe I've just set the tone of my post.

It gets better, honestly! 

Reading one of the many flyer's, I noticed that TP was on sale for less than half price with a limit of 4.  Now, we all know how expensive this necessary item is, right?  Why it's so expensive is beyond me.  It's paper for goodness sakes.  Can someone explain to me why you can get packages of 200 ruled sheets of paper right now for your kids for school for 59 cents each and they want $16.99 for 24 two ply rolls of TP?  What's the difference between rolling it and adding perforations versus printing lines, using ink two colours of ink no less and punching 3 holes?  That's probably something for another post or a TV show like "How's It Made".  Anyways, getting back to my TP story.  So here I am in the store picking up my limit of 4 packages and waddling to the cashier.  When I say waddling, I'm not lying!  Have you seen a penguin walk?  Ya, that was me.  Have you ever tried to carry 4 packages each containing 24 rolls of TP?  No, most people wouldn't.  Only I would.  Who's the fool here?  ME...hello!  I didn't use a buggy either because you can't take them out of this particular store.  I figured walking to the cashier with all four packages would allow me to be able to figure out a way to carry them once I leave the store and waddle make my way to the car.  I could have easily purchased two packages and then gone back in to get two more.  But why would I?  That would be too easy.  I would walk much easier carrying two and not like a penguin carrying four but being the stubborn type of person I am, I figured I could do it.  Picture this will you.  A mature (let's just go with that, K?)woman with two packages of (24 rolls) TP under each arm and carrying another 2 packages (24 rolls) fingers punched through the top of each of the remaining packages waddling walking up to the cashier.  FYI, the TP is in the far back corner of the store.  I'm laughing in embarrassment just telling you all this.  Man, what the hell was I thinking?  Obviously I wasn't!  What a sale will do, eh?  So ...... I waddle walk to the cashier with TP in tow and I'm second in line, perfect.  I chose the short line because that's always the quickest right?  Nope!  Not this day or any other %&#@ day for that matter.   Murphy's Law!  Believe it, please!  The shorter the line, the longer the wait!  I'm standing in line making sure I had a smile on my face, like it even mattered.  The reason for the smile was the quantity of TP I was balancing holding strategically.  The smile was part of the balancing technique (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).  In front of me cashing out was this cute young girl who just happened to know the male cashier and they were discussing their classes for their first semester of University.  For the most part, I'm kind and considerate but after I heard all the classes she was taking and he replied with his classes and the days of the week and times, I was loosing my patience.  Not to mention my strategically balanced TP.  During their what seemed to be 10 minute conversation, probably only 5 minutes really, I was trying to figure how to set all my TP down, pay, gather and balance my purchases once again without incident.  The line behind me was building.  Which meant there were more people to watch (me). While standing there I felt like I should be in a three ring circus (you really had to see me to believe it) I noticed people staring at me.  Were they wondering why I was purchasing so much TP?  Did this lady have issues?  I began to feel embarrassed for the volume.  I'm not sure why really.  Don't people know a good deal when they see it?  The man behind me had 4 - 1 litre containers of milk.  Why was he buying so much milk I was thinking?  A sale of course.  Why didn't he want the TP too?  He was smiling at me and I had to wonder if he was thinking either - she's good carrying all that TP or is she going to need that TP before she gets home?  Either way....... I saved a ton of money!  It was worth it - I think.  Not sure I would handle it the same the next time but .....I'm not worrying about that now, I've got quite a bit of TP to last me a while! 

If you can believe this, I have a stamp, sentiment and challenge to work with my shopping experience.  It's a sketch challenge over at CPS-Card Sketches and here is this weeks sketch.

Sketch # 234
 Here is my card for the challenge
What a great sketch!  All cardstock on this card was from scraps with a little help from some flower embellishments.  The sentiment and image are from Stampalicious and coloured with Copics.

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations


  1. Gosh...Wonder Woman. I struggled with one pack of 16 rolls of TP last week (mind you I did have my work bag & handbag to contend with) it was really getting on my nerves as I walked the 1/2 mile home.

    All hail the Queen of TP balancing.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh dear, I've got tears of laughter in my eyes here. Your posting is soooo funny, and Toni's comment above just about finished me off - at least you were balancing the rolls of TP and not juggling them :)) Di xx

  3. Di again - I've hopped back for another read and an early morning laugh :O

    It's the smile on your face that cracks me up - bit like a manic grin? Di xx

  4. Your card is so cute and such a great use of the CPS sketch and I loved your TP story!

  5. oh my goodness, you totally had me giggling!!!! thanks for the laugh, and for the cute card to go with it! Oh, and thanks for playing at CPS with us! :)


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