Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glass Ball Ring

I had to edit yesterdays post because I wasn't happy with the heavy wire that the hanger was made out of.  When using these hangers in the past I don't recall them being as heavy as this one was so I went to "Plan B".

I used my 24 gauge wire as it gave me a little more flexibility which was perfect for this project.

I began by taking all the glass ball ornaments off the hanger and slipping them all back on to the lighter gauge wire.

I've taken the string of balls and brought up both ends of the wire and twisted it - to secure. 

Also purchased from the dollar was an additional box of smaller red glass balls.   I glued a few of these into any holes I found in the ring using a glue gun with clear glue.

Once this was done, I took the twisted ends of the wire and cut the excess off.  I used needle nose pliers to bend the ends of the wire back into the centre of the ring so the wires were not noticeable.

Here is my finished product.  I added a red glass vase approximately 6 inches high and placed a large tea light in the bottom.  It makes for a beautiful statement on any table.  This is just one idea.  Try placing a tall container in the middle with a floating candle or sit a poinsettia wrapped in foil in the centre, plenty of room for that.  A lovely bowl full of cranberries and greens would also look very festive!  The options are as plentiful as your imagination allows.  This entire red glass ball ring was created for less than $5.00.  What you do with yours is up to you.

Go ahead and have some's your turn!

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.



  1. This looks fabulous - what a wonderful table decoration this would make.

    TFS this lovely idea.

    Toni xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous my Elfin Friend!

  3. Sheesh - the keyboard is playing up

  4. and therefore I have to write this in bits and pieces . Can't edit so need my IT chap here to have a look at why :( But, I have a big glass vase, fat and very wide plain glass that I usually fill with baubles, This year those baubles might be going on a whole new adventure :)) Di xx

  5. Oh, That is just Beautiful! Love It! Thanks for Sharing! :0)

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    Please email me your addy won a RAK on my 10K blog post here:)

  7. wow that's so clever and looks gorgeous!!


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