Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Little Festive Light

What a great little find!  I was shopping at Crate and Barrel the other day and came across this adorable tea light.  Here were all these beautiful very fine handmade glass fish bowl type tea lights layered in this awesome display which in itself was quite a sight.  These tea lights are so simple looking yet I saw so many possibilities with them.  I just loved how there was this little tea light on a pedestal sitting inside the holder.

I love that it's only 4 1/4 inches in diameter. 

 I thought I would share a few ideas I had that could be used this Holiday Season.  The ever festive cranberry.

Several tiny pine cones.

I snipped a piece of greenery off a branch that I had, thought it would work perfectly.  It has what appears to be a sugared look to it which makes it really interesting.

Cut two more for a total of three pieces of greenery in the tea light.  To even add more of a pop you can add a coloured tea light.  I tried a few different colours and it made for a great look.  Grouping a few of these together would make a great little statement and table display.

Thank you for visiting me today.  I'm away until Thursday which would explain the missing post yesterday. 

Where ever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations!


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  1. How pretty - they look really lovely. I haven't seen anything like that over here but there have certainly been some fantastic holders in the shops this year.

    Toni xx


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