Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ribbons And Bits

Grab your paper, scissors, tape, glue gun and bits! 

This has to be what I believe, one of the funnest things ever!  Not sure funnest is even a word but I'm going with it.  I love to wrap gifts!  I truly believe that presentation is everything.  Not everyone likes to wrap gifts, I know that!  This is where you either run like hell and hide or you use a glue gun like the best of them.  I love to pick up Christmas decorations right after Christmas when all the great sales are on.  These decorations after Christmas will make for amazing embellishments on your gifts next year.  Don't roll your eyes, plan today for next year and you'll be glad you did!  If you can face the crowds, it's so worth grabbing all those discounted picks, berries and branches.  Next year, clip them apart and use them to embellish all your Christmas gifts.  Better yet, hit both the decorations and Christmas ribbon isles!  Once you start doing this, I promise you'll be wrapping like a pro!

Wrap some wired ribbon around your wrapped gift and tie it in a knot.  Cut a piece of raffia or something similar and tie a bow around the knot of the ribbon, glue some greenery, berries and pine cones.  All that's left to do is add a gift tag .....and your done!  Who wouldn't love to be given this gift?

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations!



  1. oh I always try to start of with the best intentions of having THE best wrapped presents of all, some how after five the intentions go out the window. Love this beautiful wrapping and just know mine just does not measure up in any way shape or form
    Hugs and Merry Xmas
    Kate xx

  2. A girl after my own heart - the Christmas clearance sales can be a wonderful source of all sorts of goodies. Love the way you have wrapped the gift in the photo.

    Toni xx

  3. Anyone would love that present under the tree. But to open it? I'd have to wait..... or tear very very carefully.

  4. I do try - but sheesh, never, ever, thought of using the glue gun! True inspiration as always - I'm off to the post- Christmas sales looking for berries and stuff,safe in the knowledge that me and my pixie-glue-gun will work miracles next year!! Yay - two little pixie backward flips :)) Thank you my Elfin Friend :)) Di xxx


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