Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Karma - for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause.
Therefore, the law of Karma teaches that responsibility for actions is born by the person who commits them.

The Samyutta Nikaya states:

"According to the seed that’s sown,
So is the fruit you reap there from,
Doer of good will gather good,
Doer of evil, evil reaps,
Down is the seed and thou shalt taste
The fruit thereof."

I'm so angry!  We wake up to the visual of our daughter's driver side car door ajar and upon further investigation find the glove box and console left open and her GPS missing.  Who ever is responsible must have been interrupted as the GPS cord was lying on the floor and money in the tray was untouched.  When all is said and done, no one was harmed, the car is fine but as a parent .....you worry!   We called insurance and reported it to the Police.   It turns out there has been a rash of these crimes in our area.  We are leaving more lights on where before we wouldn't, we continue to peek out the windows when we hear noises and it has changed certain things and leaves us uncomfortable!  I think it is so unfair of people to take what isn't theirs, touch or destroy other people's property and make life uncomfortable all because they can't or don't know how to be good people.  I truly believe in Karma, I believe what goes around comes around and I believe that this will come back eventually in some way shape or form to the individual or individuals who did this or any other crime.  I realize what has happened could have been much worse and I feel sorry for any and all those who have been on the opposite end of the parasites that walk among us!  I honestly believe their day will come!  End of rant!



  1. Oh Dear what a worry, I sympathise, it drives me nuts too, what makes folks so selfish!!! Hugs Gay xxx

  2. Really big worry! They will get caught by someone.

  3. I believe in karma too. Know that eventually they will get caught; and hopefully they will learn a lesson. I've had a car broken into once, when I was in high school. A witness came forward and named the person. Lucky for me.

    Sorry you (and your daughter) have to go through this. You do feel violated, no matter the damage.

    Maybe put up a motion sensor light in the area?


  4. Sorry to hear you & your daughter have suffered this inconvenience and worry because some inconsiderate person can't keep their hands to themselves.

    Toni xx

  5. Oh I totally agree - the wheel turns . . . I have seen that so, so many times that I am a true believer. It ALWAYS comes back to you. Maybe not right away . . . but wait :) Luckily no one was hurt, that is always the most important thing. Things can be replaced, loveones not :)
    Celestial Things


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