Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Good Morning!  Welcome to WOYWW where you show your crafty workdesk and whatever
project(s) are presently being worked on - or not.  Julia Dunnit from the Stamping Ground is the Grand Hostess of this weekly peek into homes from around the world sharing all things crafty. 

Last week I struggled with blogger when leaving comments on many blogs.   I began writing down the names of those blogs I was having difficulties with but then I stopped once I reached 10, I was getting very frustrated at that point.  It appeared many had issues with blogger too!  I'm going to make sure I visit them first this week. 

Keeping it short this week, lots to do today.  Here is what's on my desk.  Just checking out some new embellishments before I start a birthday card.

I bought them on sale just after Christmas, couldn't help myself.  Look at those Gerber daisies aren't they gorgeous?  See the glitter on them?   The garden tools and clay pot are just so sweet too.  Gotta go now, need to visit some desks.  Gotta go now and visit some desks.   Thanks for stopping by!

Where ever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it.
Wishing you many wonderful creations! 


  1. Nice collection of inspiration, about me and daisy's....I planted them once....and then I moved with some of my perenials....its been 10 plus years and they do tend to spread....just sayin, not my favorite flower to plant, but they do look very pretty in paper LOL
    Minus 36 here, how's the temp at the pole?

  2. Wow, fabulous embellishments! Do post what you make on your blog please :) Di xx

  3. I have a dog named Daisy - so yes, I'm partial to them. They look very nice, indeed!

    Is that tea or coffee on your desk? Either way, I see we use about the same amount of cream! tee hee

    Oh, and I was having trouble with comments last week also. I did manage to visit everyone though!

    In the triple digits #117

  4. These look lovely embelllishments beautiful, I to had trouble as again this week leaving comments, I read that now the updated reply & delete buttons on our comments were the cause well so far today I've had trouble with 19 blogs phew, so can't leave comments for them, Hugs May x x x

  5. Loving those spring embellishments shame didnt have weather to go with it.Having trouble again this week leaving comments on some blogs.Glad i wasnt only one last week.
    Happy woyww
    judex 14

  6. A garden themed card or layout I'm thinking!
    Happy hopping

  7. Blogger is "updating" and knows about the issues and is working on them, so hopefully it will be resolved soon! I hate not being able to visit everyones blogs! Love those new embellishments too!

  8. What gorgeous embellishments the tools are sooo cute x x

  9. Hello Elf, by now you'll know that most of us had problems leaving comments last week. I've changed my browser and having not problems this week. Love the embellies on your desk - they would make for great cards for gardening enthusiasts. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #99

  10. Such lovely daisies, thanks for sharing!

  11. Those are very pretty! Love how they sparkle!

  12. Hope you have finished checking out those gorgeous embellishments and you are well on the way with creating your card.
    thanks for sharing even though you are so busy. Hugs Neet 11 xx

  13. Hi there, just a flying visit this morning, trying to get round to as many desks as I can before work starts! Thanks for sharing your creative space. Lovely embellishments that I'm sure you'll put to good use!
    I hope the rest of your week goes well for you.

  14. Pretty, glittery flowers- roll on summer!! :)
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  15. Lovely flower embellishments, will be lovely to see what you do with them in a project.

  16. Gorgeous little pile of lovelies there and getting them on sale is even better.

  17. Lovely embellishments! Bet the card turns out lovely x

  18. Those embelishments will make great cards ...or decorate boxes ... I love sale bargains. xx

  19. How did you go from No1 to No120?? How the might have fallen, lol! Love those cute little embellishments, Spring can't come soon enough IMO!

    Brenda 104

  20. I see some great cards in the future -- lovely embellishments!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today -- it has been lovely to welcome you there.

    Happy creating,

    PS: Oh, and once again thanks for the chance to win something right from crafting heaven. :)

  21. Very pretty embellishments. And I see you have the ever present mug on your desk, there is always one on mine :)

  22. What cute daisies! Love to see the card they make :)
    Celestial Things

  23. those are so pretty. i am having trouble with blogspot. will flash on the screen then disapper!!! lah!

  24. Those are so pretty! I love the little glitter on them!

    Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
    Katie #16


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