Saturday, November 21, 2015

It Was Like Christmas Morning!

Here's how it went down.

I put on my "workin" clothes, hauled out the Christmas decorations, turned on the Christmas tunes and got to it.  I have to say .........I thank myself (great habit I learned many years ago) every year for going to the effort, the previous year, to pack everything away carefully.  When I unpack my decorations they always look as good as they did the previous year, nothing is broken and assembly is easy and organized.  That's just me though.  I know there are many of you out there like me.  Wasn't always that way though.....just sayin!!

I love to shop the sales.  I love to get deals and coupons are my friend.  I try and save a few extra bucks each year cause I know that prior to Christmas, when I'm picking up those last minute things there is a good chase a deal can be had.  Sometimes better than after Christmas as those deals ....may be gone.  I'm always looking.  I seem to always get one or two great things and pack em away for next year.

Well, this year was exciting.  I was opening boxes and finding things I had totally forgot I had bought the previous year, on sale of course.  One was a pack of three plug thingy's you pop into an outlet, plug your lights into and voila .....remote on and off switches.  No bending, gently pulling - yanking sometimes (not a good thing) to unplug all those gorgeous decorations you spent hours lighting.  Cool.
The second was a bag full (six to be exact) of 12", sequined deer for my family room tree.  Score!
Third and probably my most favourite of unexpected surprises was a 4' prelit Christmas tree in an urn.  I remember I got it 60% off.  Weeeeeee!!  It probably only had a string of about 100 lights which for this, unacceptable.  Lights make the tree.  Lights make every decoration.  Just sayin!!!

Having purchased several boxes of lights this year, on sale of course (surprise), I threw another 200 hundred lights on.  


Rule of thumb is 100 lights per foot.  With my 60% off, 4 ft tree and two extra strings of lights (on sale), I not only have a great deal, I have a stunning tree.  I was so excited, it was like Christmas morning.  

Watch for the sales, plan ahead and you'll save a lot of money. 
The'll have amazing, current, wonderful looking decorations year after year.  

The one thing I found and have heard over the years, people felt their decorations were old and they couldn't afford to replace them.  By purchasing items on sale, you can keep your Christmas stash fresh while saving money. 



  1. Sounds like you grabbed yourself some lovely bargains.
    Our local garden centre reduces all its Christmas decs to half-price on New Years day and the place is heaving (almost to the extent of a Black Friday).
    Toni xx

  2. That certainly is one beautifully lit tree. Love the tree stand and that you too are a bargain shopper. I have been thinking of editing the decorations this year too. I am going to do something very out of my comfort / tradition zone this year. Still plotting, but will post about it when I get to it. I am thinking not till December LOL. Keep smiling and creating.


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