Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrap A Gift and Double The Size For A Fabulous Presentation

I'm excited to show how you can take a gift(s) and actually make a presentation,  double the size.  Work with me here.  Do you want to add interest to your gift?  Do you want to make your gift say "WOW" when being presented?  I'm going to show you how you can do just that.  You will need a few extra items though.  They don't necessarily have to be expensive, but they need to be important enough that they add to the actual gift itself.  Also, keep in mind that the items added to the actual gift should be things that are useful.  Have a look at the picture below.  The real gift is the item in the top right of the picture.  The pink and white box.   The other items are just the little extras to add to the gift.

Below is the finished product. 

You now have a gift to present that has interest and is much larger in size.  This is just an idea of what potential there is to make a great gift......SPECTACULAR!

Check out the last item on The Art Of Gift Wrapping Page for my step by step video.
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  1. It looks quite nice. I also wrapp my gifts always very carefully but I do like it better to use double sided tape instead of ordinary tape as you did when wrapping the pink parcel. It looks even neater.


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