Friday, March 4, 2011

A Birthday Card For My Mom

I can't believe it's Friday already - Yipeeee!
Our forecast is calling for some heavy rain and strong winds beginning this afternoon continuing into tomorrow - uh oh!  The combination of the two isn't going to be much fun but hopefully it will melt all the remaining snow.  Let's just hope the temperature stays above freezing during all this or it might just turn nasty out there.  Great crafting weather regardless!!!!

Today, I thought I would show you the birthday card that I made for my mom.  I know she's going to love it but then again she loves all the cards I make.  She's a fan!  LOL

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend! 
Visit my card page to see how this card was made.


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  1. What a gorgeous card - I'm sure your Mum will be thrilled. Have signed up as a follower - this blog is fascinating - full of interest so I need to spend a while browsing but sadly the ironing fairy isn't here today so I have work to do :( But, I'll be back - Christmas is my favourite time of year so I neeeeed to browse throughly through all your hints and tips! Di x


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