Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 # 102

Rain rain go away,
Come back another day!

I'm so over it.

On the brighter's Wednesday and that means Julia's in charge!  If ever there was a day you need to visit our girl's today - trust me.  I don't want to spoil things but aside from the usual snooping without guilt, things are definitely different!  Oh ya.....almost forgot!!!  You might just want to scroll down a little on her blog while you're there.  Not only are you going to learn some things, you might want to play along with a little ABC fun.


My desk was pretty boring this morning so I thought I'd try and spiff it up a little by adding a frame.  Yay!  How'd I do?  Sorry, still pretty boring.... eh?  If you check back on Thursday you'll get to see my finished project.

Have to run now.....gotta do my ABC's.
P.S.  Can someone talk/pray or even bribe the rain God's for me and send some sunshine my way? 
Just asking.


  1. The frame looks very cute. And is there really anything like a boring desk? I don't think so.

  2. Know what you mean about the rain - ok, we needed it we've had it - now go away!
    Thanks for sharing your desk - not boring - actually looks quite pretty. #10

  3. In my case, cold tea! Yukky Yuk! I see Stampin' Up! Guess you're a fan too?

  4. That ABC was interesting... why you want to stop the rain??? OK I will get it sent here, as we really NEED it, my poor garden is suffering!!

  5. it's definitely different over at Julia's and if i could send some sunshine your way, i would. it is soooooo HOT here!

  6. Love whats going on on your desk. I'm getting fed up of the rain too! Happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  7. Very tidy desk this week .Loving the SU goodies i see.Rain please send some to Norfolk /Suffolk we are desperate weve npot had any rain since 2 weeks before Easter along time my garden so needs it!
    Have greative wedensday
    hugs judex 14

  8. The sun is trying to come out here, so maybe... mind, we do need rain! Have a great Wednesday.

  9. Dear Mrs Elf,

    If the rain God Loves you today, he loves you, and nothing you do will stop him loving you and staying right by your side,

    however tomorrow he will probably choose someone else to love, as he can be terribly fickle,

    happy crafting,


  10. Sending sunshine ! Love the frame , but not cold coffee !!!
    Have a fun productive day
    Anne x

  11. I think I could cope with the rain if it only did during the hours of darkness...I want the sun back too.

    The ABC over at Julia's looks fun...will have to have a think about it today.

    Toni xx

  12. such a neat desk! straight out of a mag, Oh I wish ...mine looks messy even when it's tidy...

  13. Ha, ha I am yawning - but not because of your "tidy desk" but because I couldn't sleep last night! Huh!
    Lots of hugs,

  14. Glad to report ... the spiffing up worked ... have a great Wednesday!

  15. I love the frame! How clever you are! Your desk only looks unexciting to you - and that's because it's all tidy and calm -love the the 'masterboard' you've created there, gorgeous blues. Is the plan to punch out from that then? Hey, sorry about the rain, wishing sundhine upon you!

  16. Great punch but I love the girl in the rain image. Due to get warmer again by Saturday onwards........
    Hugs Joanne xx

  17. Love how you have use d the stamped out shape as a stencil. Have just done a class with a few friends doing that. Stamps aren't just for punching out a shape to stick on something I say.
    Love the frame idea.
    x Tricia (55)

  18. Like the frame! Have fun getting creative. Sunshine Girl No. 40

  19. Nice work on the photo!, very impressive!
    Sending you sunshine wishes, happy WOYWW!
    Rebecca (51) x

  20. I don't think your desk looks boring at all!

    I'll swap you some sunshine for your rain please.

    Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY DESK here

  21. Our rain hasn't started for winter yet, give me a month and I will be wishing the same! will be checking back to see the finished thing, looks interesting...

  22. Too much rain in Michigan also. 2.5" since last Wednesday, showers today and tomorrow and thunderstorms tonight, seriously looking forward to some sunshine! love that card you're cutting the flowers out of, beautiful colours.

    Brenda 84

  23. i pretty much always end up having a cold coffee around the house somewhere as i forget i've made it lol x

  24. The frame makes all the difference in the world! ;) I'll take your rain and send you some Arizona sunshine.

  25. LOL! If I could make the rain go away, Seattle would no longer be the Emrald City and rain October -July.

  26. Nice frame on your pic and I really do like your punch!! If you want to send just a little bit of rain I would appreciate it on my garden but not too much or my chooks will get wet!! Thanks for visiting!

  27. Well, I'm impressed with your ABC's. Your desk looks very user friendly. There may not be much going on, but what's there looks nice enough!


    Terry #129

  28. Interesting ABC and neat workspace x

  29. I always end up with cold tea on my desk, yuck!As was the weather today, I'm with you, bring back the sunshine :)

  30. I'm sending lots of sunshine your way (i hope!!!) Love the flower punch and stamps they look fab and the background your making looks brill. Kezzy x

  31. Enjoyed the desk and it's frame! Mmmm, cold coffee isn't so good although at times I convince myself it's no different from iced coffee which I like.
    Sorry about the rain, but after ten years of baaaad drought and fires, I looooooove rain. Mind you, not floods so I'm happy I'm on a hill.
    Take care,
    Ros. (140)

  32. You've got patience to do those ABC' to read. I agree, cold coffee...ick, unless it's got ice cubes in it!

  33. Well, will it depress you totally if I tell you here in Oz our days are lovely and sunny? and our overnight minimums are exactly the same as your day temp in London (16C on my computer and it's just after 9pm here and 12 noon approx. over there)... now do like that flower punch but not the cold tea thanks! Shaz in Oz.x

  34. That card on today's post looks fab!

  35. Lovely snoop round your desk - and the ABC was interesting. My, what a tall Elf you are :)) Di xx

  36. Love the frame round your desk, but your desk is still pretty interesting. I can see some flowers happening and think all crafters have cold mugs of coffee!!
    Your ABC is fascinating and you can send some rain our way, our gardens desperately need it here in the UK. Hope you get some sunshine too.
    Hugs Lisa #94


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