Friday, June 24, 2011

Martini's On The Deck

It's Girl's Night Out tonight, the Girls are celebrating each other and the beginning of summer.  There is quite a large group of us girls who get together throughout the year at various homes.  Each one of us brings appetizers, we play soft music and talk about stuff!  Stuff like clothes, gardens, family, trips or whatever anyone needs to get off their chests.  We're there to support each other, get out for the night, have a few good laughs and a real good chin wag.  The Power Of Girlfriends!  There is no bond like it!  I have to run now, the party begins at 7ish.  We all have families so we take care of those needs first and then the rest of the night is ours.  Tonight we are gathering at a lovely home with a spectacular back yard deck and garden.  I can't wait!

Enjoy your night ..... wherever you are!



  1. Hi chick! It's Di here - oh boy, now I feel so very bad!

    Just wait until you see tomorrow's posting about the new boat! Yes, we'd love one honey but this is a bit of a tease which you'll understand when you see it. It's all we could afford!!

    Hope you have a great party on the deck - more than we'll be having - no deck here yet, as in nautical terms :))

    Hugs and apologies. And thanks so much for popping by regularly :)


  2. Fabulous, I hope you have a wonderful evening, Gay xxx


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