Thursday, July 14, 2011

Party At The Neighbours

I feel so bad!

It's been about a week now since my Japanese Beetle episode.  My poor birch tree was covered with these pesky little things destroying the leaves and totally stripping my lovely tree of foliage.  Once the beetles chew the leaves to something that resembles lace, the leaves turn brown and fall off.  This has been happening for about 2 years now so I decided to have it sprayed, professionally!  Within minutes of spraying, the bugs were gone and not a single Japanese Beetle has returned or been found on my tree since.  That makes me happy. Very, very happy!!!

I can't speak for my neighbour though.  I've been watching him for the last 3 days, up on a ladder.  I'm just sick about it!  Here is a man, who shouldn't even be on a ladder in the first place, hand picking the little leaf destroying, tree stripping bugs off his leaves.  The same little bugs that were probably on my tree only a week ago.   I bet ya any money as they were flying off my tree from the spray, other bugs - probably family, were yelling "party at the neighbours" and they all flocked like crazy to mow down.   I knew the beetles would eventually find another home, but across the street, come on?  It's just not fair!  Around the corner maybe ..... I could live with that, but not across the street. 

The saga continues......


  1. Snort! Sorry to laugh but it was likely to happen chick so not your fault at all. You could sneak the business card for the bug killing company into his mailbox? Di xx

  2. Oh this made me chuckle (okay, I know it's not nice to laugh...but I did). The thought of all those little pests winging off to the next party just seemed so funny.

    Toni xx


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