Tuesday, July 12, 2011


.... on a card? 

I purchased my first sewing machine when I was 18 years old.  I was working full time,  living at home and loved to sew.  I didn't care much for the sewing machine my mom had because it was old.  I wanted something new, up to date and mine.  I saved my money, scouted out all the different machines and decided upon a brand new Singer sewing machine.  This machine was new, not overly fancy and had all the gadgets I was looking for.  I was given a spot downstairs by the laundry sink and furnace.  This was going to be my sewing area and I was thrilled.  At 18 I now owned my very own sewing machine I had purchased with my own money, what a great feeling!  Many hours were spent at that sewing machine making clothes for work and all the latest styles in fashion.  As time passed I would sew many a placemat, curtains, duvet covers, table toppers, table runners and adorable little outfits and fabric toys for my children.  Who would have thought all those years ago that sewing machines would one day be used on card creations and scrapbooking pages? 

It's been a while since I've had my sewing machine out.  The last time I believe was when I was making skating outfits and costumes for my daughter.  Wow (a little misty eyed there for a moment), that just brought back some wonderful memories!  Scary how time flies.

The reason for this journey back in time was my decision to play along with A Spoon Full Of Sugar.   The challenge this week is Sewing - hand or machine, real or faux.  I thought for a while if I would be brave enough to bring the 30 something year old sewing machine out for a run or just use faux stitching.  Sadly, I decided on faux but not because I didn't want to get reacquainted with an old friend, it would be just too much work to take it out of the cabinet and clean it up.  Not only that but there's no room on or near my crafting table.

Sew (a little play on words), if you follow along with my posts you will know there will be three babies born in our family within the next six months.  I'm going to be a Great Aunt three more times.....so excited!  With all these little babies arriving it only made sense to make up baby card.

Here is my entry for A Spoon Full Of Sugar

Card is 4" X 5 1/2"
DCWV Nursury Designer Paper,  I cut 4 pieces of different papers cut at 1" X 5 1/2", cut each of those pieces in half and arranged and adhered on the front of the card.  Added the faux stitching using Stampin Up Brilliant Blue marker.  I added to each corner of the card a corner embellishment.
Recollections Baby Boy Stamp stamped using Brocade Blue ink from Stampin Up on designer paper cut at 1 1/8" X 4", adding again faux stitching around the outside and to finish off the card I used a diaper embellishment with blue faux pin.

Isn't it cute, I hope you like it?

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.
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  1. What a lovely card.

    I haven't used my sewing machine for ages - I think I got a bit "sewed-out" when we moved into this house as all the windows were non-standard sizes and I ended up having to adjust nets and make all the drapes.

    I would like to share with you a blog award (piccy & details are over at my blog).

    Toni xx

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous card. Must learn to use my sewing machine!

  3. I LOVE your card - and couldn't believe what you said about your sewing machine. I also bought my very first one at 18, working fulltime and it was my very first big purchase. The excitement all came rushing back when I read this posting - happy days! Di xx


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