Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Girls .....

...are headed north!

So here's the plan.  Five girls are headed north to enjoy a cottage, on the water, to do nothing but go out on the boat,


kayak, A Couple of Girls Rowing a Kayak - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

watch chick flicks,

and take care of no one else but ourselves! 

There is a God! 

We each have taken on either a dinner, lunches or breakfasts ....can it be any easier?  The best part.....we eat like Queens!  Everything is so organized and so easy!  Why?  Because it is women doing it ....that's why!  Sorry fellas.  We love you but, when you get this much estrogen....we know what we are doing to the nth degree!  We did it last year and there was eight of us, what a hoot!  Truly, it was so easy and so much fun.  We lacked for absolutely nothing!   That's a good thing!

I will see everyone at the end of the week and just so you know, I've already started a couple cards for then.  Have a great few days and I'll see you soon!  Unfortunately none of these girls do the craft thing so I'll have to keep my laptop and craft toys at home.  See you Friday!

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations



  1. Have a wonderful time. It all sounds like fun, fun, FUN!!!

    Toni xx

  2. Now that was sneaky - posting just as you shot off! It sounds fabulous - and hope you have a wonderful time (maybe will have already had your break by the time you read this!!). Go carefully - watch out for bears in them there woods! Di xx

  3. Have a fantastic time, it sounds like absolutely loads of fun, Gay xxx

  4. hope you and the girls had fun.
    I hate to bother you but....
    you won my giveaway !


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