Friday, August 12, 2011

The Help....

was such a good movie and I can see why it has "Oscar" buzz already!

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Cast: Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Mike Vogel, Allison Janney, Sissy Spacek, Jessica Chastain, Chris Lowell

Set in Mississippi during the 1960s, a southern society girl returns from college determined to become a writer, but turns her friends' lives -- and a small Mississippi town -- upside down when she decides to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent southern families. Aibileen, Skeeter's best friend's housekeeper, is the first to open up -- to the dismay of her friends in the tight-knit black community. Despite Skeeter's life-long friendships hanging in the balance, she and Aibileen continue their collaboration and soon more women come forward to tell their stories -- and as it turns out, they have a lot to say.
There  were 10 of us who went to see The Help last night and all but two had read the book. We all felt that the movie was very similar to the book and very well cast.  If you haven't had a chance to read the book yet, I recommend it.  If you are planning on going to see a movie anytime soon, do go see The Help!  I don't think you'll be disappointed in the least.
Just curious, has anyone ever had 2 people try and save 10 seats all together at a theatre before?  Five seats in front and five seats behind?  Let's be honest here, how much room can two people actually take up?  Never again! 


  1. I think I'll have to look out for this book (haven't seen the movie advertised over here).

    2 people...10 seats...not easy my friend LOL

    Toni xx

  2. The Help is one of the best books I've read for a long time - I'll be going to the movies soon, just two of us I should think, can't be doing with the trauma of fighting for seats :)) Thanks honey for the heads up, hadn't realised the movie is already on release. Di xx

  3. Hello there, Thank you for this link, I hadn't heard of this movie and now I've got to see it LOL looks fabulous. Glad you had a good time:0) I gave up trying to hold seats for anymore than 2 it's just too embarrassing LOL Gay xxx

  4. Hi Di,

    I saw the movie over the weekend. I read the book and liked it even more than the movie. What a celebration of strong and very supportive women. Definitely worth a read and a visit to the theater. I give it a 10.


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