Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Love The Look Of ....

...white on white. 

As mentioned in yesterdays post I had planned on making a white on white card for the
Bah Humbug challenge.   I got it started yesterday but not quite finished unfortunately.  I had one of those days that was really busy but nothing really seemed to get done, including my card.  Ever have one of those?  It began with the dog needing to go out and while doing so I realized the plants needed watering.  While watering, I saw some weeds that needed to be pulled.  The phone rang and while talking, noticed some dust on a table.  I went to get my dust cloth in the laundry room and saw clothes in the dryer that needed folding.  After folding the laundry and while putting it away I see the pattern here?  It didn't stop - all day!  I was flitting. 

flit  (flt)
intr.v. flit·ted, flit·ting, flits
1. To move about rapidly and nimbly.
2. To move quickly from one condition or location to another.

1. A fluttering or darting movement.
2. Informal An empty-headed, silly, often erratic person.

Well, I don't consider myself erratic, I'm usually very organized.  My entire day was just so weird and I can't explain it.  Notice I left out the empty - headed and silly!  I'll save those two for special days as needed.  LOL

I did get my card done this morning thank goodness and for those wondering, I'm having a much more productive day!  The camera didn't do this card much justice as it's much prettier and more sparkle than shown. 

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations.


  1. What a stunning card - it is just lovely.

    Toni xx

  2. Fabulous card, I love white on white too. I have those flitting sort of days too, it's so frustrating, you just don't seem to achieve anything concrete but if you didn't have them occasionally the odds and ends wouldn't get done, so I have a theory they are necessary. Gay xxx

  3. Around here we call that ADD, LOL. No, really, ALL my days are like that. Your card is just gorgeous, though. So glad you were able to join the Humbuggers this week. xxD


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