Friday, August 19, 2011

Pssssst! Is It Just Me....

....or do you notice it too? 

This might be one of those posts that will either upset you or maybe, you will agree with me.  For the most part I think we all make cards, scrapbook and create because ....we love to!  Am I right?  Personally, I love to create and there are some things I am better at than others.  If we're calling a spade a spade....Christmas decorating is my passion and niche!  Having said that, I do love to make my own cards, scrapbook, garden, golf etc.  I have many interests but not limited to one.

Recently life has thrown a curve that has caused me to pick and choose between what is important and what can wait.  Without getting into it, this is where time management is key.  Having said that, I have taken the few "me time" minutes that are left and tried to balance out life to keep calm and make life as normal as possible! 

This post is probably, for the most part, for those of us who want recognition for the hard work and time spent creating what we think is a wonderful card, a great post, or maybe even the best scrapbook page we've ever made.  How about all that time spent doing homework on how to use a brayer, mask, decoupage or even embossing.  It doesn't matter really because we as bloggers love to share our work and who's kidding who here, we love when people comment.  It means a lot!  We hope and wish that someone is going to acknowledge us and say ....great card, beautiful colouring, and if you're one of the lucky few (on some blogs) you are selected as a weekly favourite, Top 5 or better yet, Top 3.  I don't always have the time as I'm sure many of you feel the same way, to comment on every card, piece of art or new technique shown.  It's not that I don't want to....I just can't.  I might visit you briefly but that's all the time I can afford.  It doesn't mean that I don't care.  For me the last few weeks, even months have been difficult.  I've tried as hard as I can (till the wee hours) to make that effort for those I visit regularly and those I feel can either use the support ....or deserve it.  I do my best, honestly.  I'm not going to mention specifics but the last little while I've seen some wonderful bloggers who have joined in challenges and probably for the most part aren't as talented as some or even most, but you know they've done their best, and nothing!  Not a comment, a "way to go" or even a "nice card".  These individuals don't get any recognition because they aren't the "in group" or as we called it in high school, grade school actually.....sorry but that is where it starts, in the "click" for lack of a better word.  I guess I'm just supporting the under dog here.  Luckily enough, I for the most part....don't make a card in hopes that I'm going to get lots of comments but I'd be lying if I said I didn't appreciate them.  They are important to me!  I want to be the best I can be and know that I've tried hard and maybe even inspire someone.  I love to learn and we can always learn from others.  I've made some great blog friends in the seven short months I've been blogging and I have to tell you, I'm hooked...not going to lie!  I've actually made a point of commenting on the newbies and/or those who you know have made an effort even though they aren't going to win the top three or even the big prize.  If you do win....that's awesome and good for you!  I think that's wonderful.  Don't forget though....we all started at some point and we've grown from there.  I was there and I'm still there.  I'm OK with that because I'm having fun and I love what I do. This is a journey, not a race!  Let's help and support those who maybe need an outlet in life or just some sort of acknowledgement that they matter and have done a great job!  Let's face it....we all can't be Martha Stewart!  In takes a team to be who she is and from what we've seen on TV, she shows the talent of others and I don't think everything she does is her idea.  In fact, I'd bet on it!



  1. Hi there, this was certainly a post that made me stop and think.

    I love to craft and blogging has brought me into contact with loads of lovely people (I currently follow 159 blogs). Amongst my reading list I have a core of folk that I have 'known' for a long time and most of those I knew through other forums even before I entered the world of blogging.

    I'm fairly new to the world of challenges and I have been lucky enough to have been quite successful over the last few weeks. As I work full time & have carer responsibilities I don't get as much time as I would like for crafting and I so know that feeling of looking up at the clock when trying to get something finished only to find it is "silly o'clock" - yet again. I do try not to 'visit & run' even if the comment I leave is only brief but I am probably as guilty as the next at not commenting on some of the newer folk who appear on the sites - I know how lovely it is to receive comments and support for the work that I've 'shared'. Some of the challenges I have entered have large numbers of entries so time prevents me from visiting each and every one of them but I do try to visit a random selection.

    I think this is a difficult one to strike a happy balance with.

    Thank you for your post as it certainly made me stop and take a look at what I do.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh wow - this sums up soooooo well how I feel. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see others who have put their heart and soul into making a card not getting any comments or followers. I don't do it out of sympathy but I end up following those folk trying to give them a lift of encouragement beneath their wings. I treasure every comment that people are kind enough to leave for me and I hope I do the same for them. You have truly hit the nail on the head here chick! However, sometimes there are also those who publish and just sit back waiting for others to come to them (never you though my Elfin Friend). They make no effort and then wonder why others tail off in their visiting and commenting. In the UK we have a list of top visited blogs and for some it's a just scrabble to get up the ratings rather than have fun and share. It's a hard balance - just last night I deleted myself from about a dozen blogs as a follower because after a long time of me commenting it was plainly a one way flow. It hurt me to do it but there you are. Sheesh, this is becoming as long as your posting - you hit such a truism (today's big word?) that I had to put my hat in the ring with yours!!

    And, an email is on the way 'cos I'm trying to put your generous button on my blog and failing miserably!! One last try and then I'll email for help :))

    Thanks for your wise words. Hugs, Di xx

  3. Hallelujah! Everything you said and more, I understand how it feels when you're not successful, I value my feedback and without encouragement none of us make progress. That said there are only so many hours in the day and getting around to everyone is very difficult. This is supposed to be fun:0) I follow 334 blogs(woah didn't know that till just now) and don't manage to get around to even half, perhaps I should do some housekeeping :0) I truly believe if people put their work out there they should make the effort to visit others then the chances are they will be visited back. It's a two way thing. Well done for putting it into words. Folks need to look after each other in all walks of life, I couldn't agree more, Gay xxx


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