Sunday, August 7, 2011

Will This Marriage Last....

between me and Stamping Up?

 I feel like I've been caught in the middle, let down.  Let me explain.  I've had a Stampin Up demonstrator for over two years.  We've built what I thought was a really nice relationship.  It appears there was a falling out last year or a conflict of interest between my demonstrator and Stampin Up (the company) and now my demonstrator is no longer a part of the Stampin Up family.   I realize everyone must look out for their best interests and I'm not here to judge on that.  Obviously there was an issue that needed to be dealt with.  I get that!  However, what upsets me the most is that I was advised of the aforementioned and I feel like I've been caught in the middle.  I no longer have a demonstrator and when queried "what should I do" ....there was no communication. What I find the most upsetting is that I continue to receive e-mails from my OLD demonstrator's new venture but that is not what I want!  I want a Stampin Up demonstrator to provide me with the free catalogue I've earned with orders and to be there for future orders as needed.  Is that to much to ask?  I feel as though I've been let down, caught in the middle so to speak.  Is that fair?  Do I have a right to be upset?  This is where I think maybe Stampin Up fell short.  They should have had some sort of back up plan, when a demonstrator has been released and is no longer working with the company , they should have followed up with a least an e-mail to support continued business.  This is a perfect example of a potential loss of business.  In this day and age this shouldn't happen!!! There should be a back up plan or a Plan B.  I feel like I've been let down in this situation and I'm left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, I'm really disappointed.  It shouldn't be my responsibility to find a new demonstrator....Stampin Up should be all over me to want to keep my business!  In fact, when my demonstrator was released, I read a comment on her blog from someone else to say that her demonstrator was released as well.  So that is now two Demonstrators with I don't know how many customers, left out in the lurch and I'm not sure anything was done about it.  Stampin Up should be running after this business.  You're only on top for so long and then someone newer and smarter comes along.  It's a cruel world out there and everybody wants a piece of the action.  You can't assume anything today!   I would love to hear from someone at Stampin Up on this and be able to blog about what a wonderful job they did on following up.  I'll give it two weeks!  By August 21st if I haven't heard anything, I will let the bloggy blog world know that we've been let down by what I always thought was a terrific company or....I may just be going on and on about how wonderful Stampin Up stepped up to the plate, I hope to be doing the latter of the two.  I'm interested what they have to say....if anything.  Maybe we are to fend for ourselves which I think would be very sad, but so far that seems to be the ways it's been.  We'll find out.  I would love to hear from head office rather than an Independent Stampin Up demonstrator although I guess I'm in the market for a new one at this point.

I'll keep everyone posted!



  1. Seemssuch a shame when a company doesn't appear to have any support for its customers in a situation like this. I hope they prove to be better than that and that you have good news to tell by the 21st.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh WOW - we could do with you in Parliament over here. I read your more recent post too and await the outcome with interest. Good luck! Di x

  3. Agreed. Customers are the life blood. If SU! let your demo go, then SU should be advising you of who and where...can't help but feel this lack of communication may end up leaving a bad taste and...speak a volume or two about SU! the company's attitude to the final end user.


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