Friday, September 23, 2011

The Perfect Martini....

The Perfect Cosmopolitan Martini!

Making the perfect Cosmopolitan
Martini is a careful blend of 
science, art
and thought

A perfect example of a perfect cosmo

Saturday night is Girls Night!  

Originally our plan was to go out for dinner to a lovely restaurant, have some great food and a few drinks. After much thought and consideration....we've all decided to change the plans.  We're now gathering at one of our homes because we felt it to be a lot more relaxing and the evening would cost a lot less.  Not only that, we can be as loud as we want and not have to worry about bothering anyone - awesome!  Well, we can all get a little loud.....not going to lie!

For the evening, each one of us is responsible for bringing an appetizer as well as our drink of choice.  My drink of choice Saturday...Cosmopolitans!  Grabbing my favourite recipe, which I'm going to share with you today, I need to make sure that I have all the necessary ingredients!  I've made cosmopolitans before and they were good...really good actually!  I thought they were good until I stumbled (no pun intended here) upon this particular recipe, it is by far ..... the best .....Cosmo yet.  It's soooooo good, every time I serve it, I'm asked for the recipe.  When your asked for a recipe it usually means whatever you've made, is a keeper and trust me...this one is!  I 'd like to take the credit for this one, but I can't.  What I can do however, is share it with everyone and trust'll thank me later!

Click here for the perfect Cosmopolitan recipe



  1. Sounds fantastic - a work of art too. My cocktail shaker doesn't have those metal prongs inside the lid though :( Fork and blowtorch coming out - another use for good old forks! Enjoy your evening honey - salut!! Di xx

  2. TFS it looks delish.

    You wouldn't have the recipe for a Christmas cocktail by any chance? Although I imagine most elves are partial to a very strong hot chocolate or three (with suitable additions LOL).

    Toni xx


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