Wednesday, September 7, 2011


What's with Wednesdays?  Is there two of them in a week?  Three?  Sure seems like it!  They just keep coming one right after the other, don't they? 

For those of you who find Wednesdays just fly by, there are still 17 left in 2011.  Hey....that's not the bad news!  The bad news is, there are five of them in the month of November. 

Say it isn't so!  September, October and December are going to seem easy compared to November. 

If you haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm talking about, click here and our crafty battery charger Julia will get you all powered up for a global visit of creativity.  It's exhausting hopping from one country to the next with the click of a mouse but she'll get you there quicker than anyone!

If that didn't confuse you.....there's more. 

I'm now going to show you what I got with a coupon and what's on my desk.  Your probably scratching your head right now but you want to see what that coupon got me, don't you?  I knew ya did. 

Here's the coupon

 Here's what it got me......

Aren't they awesome?

I can't wait to use them.

If you want to figure out what I've just been jabbering on about and what other wonderful things happen on other desks around the world, this is the place go!  You might even find yourself doing the same thing I just did.  Really!

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations



  1. A discount coupon for Michael's... oh I am green lol Tis my Bloggy Birthday so there are some giveaways on my blog :O))

  2. Don't you love Micheals coupons!! I often wonder if people actually ever pay full price for anything in that store!! You will have loads of fun with your new embossing folders and I am not even thinking of the C word... won't do it, can't make me...

  3. Wow they look lush and im sure once youve used will look more lush...
    Funny since going to usa and visiting michaels and they asked if i wanted to fill out form as they were doing this thing where bouts you from.I regular receive coupons just like that only couple weeks ago.Yet they have no online shop :( whihc is very sad as cant use.OH well maybe one day they will.
    Have creative wednesday hope you get chance to use your folders
    hugs judex6

  4. oh oh, a few more wednesdays in the year! lol
    Great buys , tfs

    Happy Woywwing
    Jennie #14

  5. I love coupons - it's great when you feel you have a bargain. x jo

  6. Wow, what a bargain - you're going to find those so useful for various projects. I can see you using them all the time. AND they were a bargain...result!!! xx

  7. Lovely folders! Have fun using them. :)

  8. Ooooh 50% off!!!! great! enjoy your new goodies :o) x

  9. What a fright - I thought the deal voucher was for more stock of TP! See post before girls if you haven't already - it explains how one Crafty Little Elf became champion toilet roll juggler in her State!

    You get such great deals from Michaels - we're looking to head to the States shortly and I'm checking where we'll be, to make sure there's a Michaels! No Michaels, not on the itinerary!

    Hugs, Di xx

  10. DO you think that MIchaels might decide to open up in the UK one day - I'm sure we brits miss out on a lot. MInd you there is also something precious about out little nook and cranny local shoppies - shame my local one is a shutting.......

  11. oh poo, we don't have Michael's over here, the SHOP girls in there thought I was Polish...or came from Australia! They do have lovely bargains though, took an extra suitcase, just for crafty stuff. Oh and yes,...Wednesday comes every other day these days...twice in a row sometimes!
    ((HappY WoyWW))

  12. How lucky are you...have lots of fun with your new embossing folders - wish we had Michael's here in the UK.

    Toni xx

  13. Oooh they are lovely - have fun playing :)

  14. Looks like some fun goodies!!!

  15. I wish Michaels would set up in the UK - I am sure they would do well! Those are very lush folders you have!
    Only 109 days to the Big Day BTW!! Eeek - only 1 card done so far!

  16. Ooooooo, Timmy embossing folders and at half price…..what a crafty bargain!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Happy Crafting!

  17. Those folders look terrific - look forward to seeing how you use them and what you make. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #50

  18. They are lovely, really like the first set. I'm loving embossing at the moment, gives a lovely effect. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  19. Cant believe that there are ONLY 17 more wednesdays ...I wish you hadn't told me ...I was quite happy thinging Xmas was far far off still ...after all I really think its still summer.
    I have not long had those folders ...they look so pretty used on vellum.

  20. You'll enjoy the folders...and at least each week is the same away as the previous one and the next! Thank goodness we're all busy. :-)
    Ros at 85

  21. My favourite embossing folders! I use them the most, and you got them half price! Lucky lucky you. Have fun with them!

  22. Ah just saw all those you tube videos down your side bar, am going to check them on the way out of here :D and yes I have been looking at those folders for so long and will be for a long time yet, as have so many folders keep saying you can't really want any more - mm funny that! Happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x

  23. Ahhh how good of Michaels to discount such loveliness for you! Hapy embossing with those - I agree, they are lovely.

  24. see here in the UK not only do we pay more for the same product we NEVER get a 50% glad you got such a bargain, thanks for dropping in on me yesterday,


  25. Awesome just isn't the word. How lucky you are - I can't wait to get back to America and visit Michaels and Joannes, and .... Fab purchase.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #4

  26. I'm so envious of everyone in the US who has Michael's. I agree with Doone that in the UK we never get reductions like that on anything. Everything costs us more here, and being online it's very easy to turn a bright shade of green every time you read something like that! Half the time we can't even get the products either... I think the USA is crafting paradise.


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