Tuesday, November 22, 2011


...for your Christmas tree!

You can't have a Christmas tree without bows.   If you're like most, you want the ones like you see in stores and in magazines.  Grab your ribbon and wire and follow along with my video to create the bows you've only dreamed of.

Wherever you are in your day, I hope your enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations!


  1. Thanks for that bow tut. Great idea.

  2. Fabulous! I always have bows on our tree here but it's not a very big tree - 4 foot at most - so they're simple ones (bit like me really!). Need to win some money and have a humungous and grand hallway with a mahoosive tree in....... right up to the top storey - I know, dream on Di. But I love this tutorial - you make it all so clear my Elfin Friend :) Hugs, Di xx

  3. Fab!! you make it look so easy!!Can't wait to try it............though will prob need lots of practise. Ooooo i'm definitely feeling more Christmassy buy the hour!
    Jo x

  4. Lovely bows here and good video. Will have to make one before my Craft Fair next week. I cannot believe that I have got my lickle tree up already but it is for my stall!!

  5. TFS...I love bows of all shapes and sizes and Monday morning I spent a lovely time gazing at all the beautifully decorated trees at my local garden centre - there were certainly plenty of bows to be seen.

    Toni xx


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