Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Urns....

.....always a lovely addition to the front of any home. 

Christmas urns or pots come in all sizes, shapes and materials but you don't have to spend a lot of money to have one.  If you want to create your own this year, visit your local garden store and have a look at the different styles available.  I would even be inclined to take a picture with your phone or take a flyer from the store if one is available.  Often the store flyer will have pictures you can use as a guide.  Some garden stores even offer classes at a lesser price than the price of the finished product, worth checking out.  Another good place to look for inspiration is on the Internet.

Choose a style you like and purchase the greens required to create the same look.  The cost of the urns or pots increase with the amount of items in them and this is where you can save money.  The dollar stores provide a large selection of sparkly sticks and ornaments that may be added to achieve that garden store look. 

Here is an urn with three different greens and a few red branches. 

A red glitter poinsettia with clip was purchased from the dollar store and 
a six looped bow was made and added

A box of red glass balls also from the dollar store are wired in groups of three and added for variety and interest. 

There are so many possibilities so let your imagination and creativity begin.
The cost is really dependent on the size and look
 your going for.  I little bit of homework will go a long way here! 

Wherever you are in your day, I hope your enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations!



  1. Ooooh you are such a source of inspiration!! Love your urn I put one out in Spring but it was stolen!!! Don't think I'll bother with a Christmas one, I once put a Christmas wreath out and that went in less than an hour, I couldn't believe it!! I still put one out now but my husband wires it to the door really well!!! Keep up the inspirational work!! xx

  2. Creating panic here! Thankfully we have a twirled rosemary bush outside the front door and under the porch here. Artificial I'm afraid but 4 foot tall and great for little twinkly white lights :) Sheesh, one always sorted out each year anyhow!! Hugs my little Elfin Friend, Di xx

  3. Another beautiful idea my Elfy friend.

    I visited my local garden centre this morning as they have some wonderful designers working for them and their displays are fabulous...but then again, so are the prices. I much prefer being able to come up with similar things sourced from cheaper outlets.

    Toni xx

  4. Look, Elf, I'm busy getting a chimney breast built, I really don't think he's gonna manage a stoop as well.....!
    Gorgeous idea - my Mum does this and I may have to direct her over here for a new twist...


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