Friday, December 23, 2011

I Should Have Walked On By....

...but I couldn't! They reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree - such potential. 

Man...what I could do with that tree.  My little Elf toes are curling with excitement just thinking about it but unfortunately that story has been told and sadly I won't be trimming Charlie Brown's tree.

What I should have done was walk on by but I couldn't.  I picked  up three misfits, gifts that needed a little sprucing up.  Normally I wouldn't waste my time but the product was really good, it was the wrapping that left a lot to be desired.  Enter ....the Elf!

Here is one of the lovely gifts I purchased.  Lovely?  Ummmmm...not so much!! 

The bow on the gift had seen better days and the cello paper was ....well, you can see for yourself.  I knew with a little Elf attention I could have this gift looking neater in no time.  Out came the glue gun, embellishments and ribbon.  I even added a little gold bell so when the gift is picked up it jingles....awwww. So festive looking now don't you agree?

For the record I don't go buying gifts that need to be re wrapped, that's just stupid!  Who does that?  No one!!  You just don't!  However, I did and I can't believe I did.  It was just that these were the perfect gifts I needed and let me tell you I stood there for quite sometime asking myself if I should buy them.  I looked at others similar but these were by far the best ones, they were just poorly wrapped.  I'm actually a little surprised that this large coffee establishment where I purchased these gifts allowed their product to get so manhandled and looking the way they did.  I wonder what Corporate would think?  I'm not going to go there but that's a good topic for another day.  Right up there with the germs being spread when you slide/stick in your debit card or credit card into those new little machine thingys at the stores.  I was behind a man entering his information after inserting his card and he sneezed directly on it - ewwwww!!!  I didn't know what to do ((squirm))...I was next in line and would be using it.  Out came the gloves.

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations!



  1. You spruced up that package rather nicely!! Maybe you should send corporate a photo of the revised packaging?

    As for the germs, well, uh, ooooowwwwwww. They have those little individual packaged handiwipes (whatever they are called). Maybe a few in the purse would be a good thing!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Your re-wrap re-vamp looks fabulous - what a super gift and now it actually 'looks' like a super gift.

    Toni xx

  3. Good job there Ms Elf, you've waved your magic wand, again LOL Happy Christmas to you and a wonderful New Year too, hugs Gay xxx
    Eeuuuwww with the sneeze, horrid, thank heavens for gloves LOL x

  4. Oh my litle Elfin Friend - you clever thing! I would have done the same and bought them and then rewrapped - truly I would have. And, I'd have whipped out my packet of Wet Wipes from my bag and wiped that machine over before using it too :)) Merry Christmas honey! Love, Di xx


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