Monday, January 16, 2012

Birds ....


1. any warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Aves, having a body covered with feathers, forelimbs modified into wings, scaly legs, a beak, and no teeth, and bearing young in a hard-shelled egg.
2. a fowl or game bird.
3. Sports .
a. clay pigeon.
b. a shuttlecock.
4. Slang . a person, especially one having some peculiarity: He's a queer bird.
5. Informal . an aircraft, spacecraft, or guided missile.
6. Cookery . a thin piece of meat, poultry, or fish rolled around a stuffing and braised: veal birds.
7. Southern U.S. (in hunting) a bobwhite.
8. Chiefly British Slang . a girl or young woman.
9. Archaic . the young of any fowl.
10. the bird, Slang .
a. disapproval, as of a performance, by hissing, booing, etc.: He got the bird when he came out on stage.
b. scoffing or ridicule: He was trying to be serious, but we all gave him the bird.
c. an obscene gesture of contempt made by raising the middle finger.

Now that we have the dictionary definition of a bird, we need to put it to the challenge.  The Less is More Challenge.  Chrissie and Mandi of LIM are requesting the following,

with the subject of
Remember to add NO additional layers and to keep embellishments to a minimum

I used very vintage jumbo wheel from Stampin Up and masked off the bird from Stampin Up's Punch Potpourri.  I then re stamped the bird in the masked off area and added the sentiment thoughtful from Hero Arts.  I used only one colour of ink on my card, frayed burlap from Tim Holtz

I added detail to the card without using embellisments

The folds can be squeezed as tightly together as you like or gently pulled open, which ever
look is preferred.

I used the corner chomper from crop-a-dile
Cloud setting, for the opposite corners

I used the Martha Steward score board to score my corners

I scored eleven lines
For the bottom left corner,
I start to score from the bottom scoring upwards (I find this easier) to the centre fold of the card
scoring eleven lines.
I snip up the centre of the card to the top score line

I fold the score lines in an accoridan fashion.  I like to use my ruler to help
crease the lines

Then I use my bone folder to finish each fold. 

Here is what the corner looks like finished
Here is the card
Well, if you've got this far....thank you! 
Where ever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it.
Wishing you many wonderful creations!



  1. Simply gorgeous, love the subtle stamping and the corners are a lovely textural addition, thanks for sharing how you made them, Gay xxx

  2. What a beautiful card - the colour scheme looks so elegant.

    Toni xx

  3. I enjoyed watching the photos of this 'tutorial. Going to try myself, though I only have a tiny bird stamp from Cart-us.

  4. Beautiful, Crafty Elf, so elegant!
    Hope you're keeping well.
    Jo x

  5. Lolvey card, the creasing creates an interesitng effect

    Many thanks
    "Less is More"

  6. That's a very interesting treatment for the corners of this super card... I've not seen that done before.
    Great job.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  7. Ooh, I really like your crimped corners. It adds such an interest dimension to your card. I love the look of one layer cards but get all twitchy to make them myself.

  8. Hello Ms. Crafty,

    First off, your card is so nicely done! Those corners are off the chart cool.

    I'm so glad you saw the boy leading the camels!! hee hee

    It kept snowing her until around noon today and then kind of switched to rain. Don't think I'm going to have a snow day tomorrow. :-(


  9. Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us all. I shall pop that into my ideas box for future use. You have also prompted me to try to do a card for the Birds challenge. See you there. xx Maggie
    PS Thank you for your visit and kind comments. I enjoy trying to put things together to make a view of my own.

  10. Great card! Thanks for sharing how you did the corner- very interesting- perfect way of adding dimension.

  11. well that's very cool! beautiful card :) love the technique.

  12. Beautiful! What a great way to give a little texture to a card.

  13. What an interesting and great technique!!! The best of all it's so easy to use! The card looks so nice! Liked it very-very much!


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