Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Up With Blogger???

I've had a problem today with blogger.  I'm trying to comment on blogs and all I get is a blank page and then the computer freezes and I have to monkey around to get it back to the main page ???  This doesn't happen on all blogs but it's happened on about 10 so far today.  I've written down the names of the blogs so I can get back there later but still, what's up?

Is anyone else having this trouble?



  1. Hiya - I've been having problems here too my little Elf! The comment box often isn't appearing and the only way I can comment is to click on 'reply' which is appearing underneath people's comments! I signed out of Blogger totally and then when I signed in again I left the 'remember me' box UNticked. Since then I haven't had the problem - but perhaps I just haven't come across any of the weird commenting glitch, which. as you say is only on some blogs. Blogger does usually sort it out in a day or two though. Pain in the proverbial in the meantime!!

    Off to bed to watch a movie now :)


  2. Hi there my friend - frustrating isn't it!

    I've done the same as Di and things have certainly been better but I'm currently having some problems actually accessing some of the blogs I follow. I click on the links from my reading list and it takes ages to load the blog only for it to freeze when I try to scroll through the contents - this has been going on intermittently since before Christmas.

    Toni xx

  3. Hello, I hate it too! when you leave a comment and it's not posting it sometime happens to blogs with word verification.

    Thanks for your feedback on my blog post.


  4. Who knows? But is is making the line spacing between the replies ridiculously close...Hard to read...

  5. Oh Dear, I have to admit I haven't had a problem, Yet! I do hope yours gets sorted soon, it must be extremely frustrating, hugs Gay xxx


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