Sunday, January 5, 2014

Until Next Year

I've taken down Christmas 2013!

It's been a busy weekend and very productive. 

It can't be any other way - I'm an Elf!  

Image from GoodHousekeeping - Great Magazine

 If you're reading my blog for the first time, welcome!  If you've been one of my amazing followers and blog friends (love you all..and thank you) you may remember that I worked at a magical store called "The Elves Workshop".  I was one of "The Elves".  I worked there for many years and it truly was an amazing experience.   We sold everything "Christmas" and then some.  Besides all that was Christmas we had items such as mirrors, lamps, table decor and anything else that would help make any house a home.  Hostess gifts were a big seller.  Entertaining items would fly off the shelves.  We were known for our Christmas trees and fabulous decorations.   People would come from miles around to see what the year was showing.  What was new.  What they could purchase to add to their collection of Christmas decor.  Many would ask for "The Elves" to make something special for them.   Whether it was for a gift, mantle, wreath, two foot fully decorated Christmas tree, possibly spruce up an older piece they wanted updating or perhaps a couple new bows for their outdoor house lights.  We were there to create the magic, and we did.  She taught us how.  Myself, I was like a sponge.  I was young and I wanted to learn.   I thought this woman was a genius.  She could create magic in an instant.  I wanted to know everything and how to do everything.  I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have learned from one of the best.  That's not only my opinion but the opinion of many in the business.  Not only did we learn how to decorate, we learned how to un-decorate.  Hmmmmm?  Is that even a word?  We learned how to put ornaments on a tree and how to take ornaments off a tree.  There is a way you know.  Who would have thunk?  We learned if it came out of a box, it went back in that same box.  She showed us how.  We learned how to put lights on a tree, how to take them off and package them up - neatly.  We were taught that if you take a few extra minutes putting your Christmas decor away it will not only save time when putting it back up the following year, your Christmas decor will LAST!  You've spent good money on your decor so take care of your investment.  Great advice!

It's "The Elves Workshop" way.

My way.

This is what I was taught, how I decorate and un-decorate.

Her name was Lois Stanger and she has been helping to decorate Heaven for a few years now.

Thank you Lois!



  1. Wishing you all the best now that you have "un-decorated" and hope the weather is playing nice where you are.
    Sending hugs
    Toni xx

  2. ThanksToni, you too!
    We've had quite a winter so far. Ice storm that knocked out our power for days and now….well, it's snowing pretty good! Welcome to winter in Canada! Eh? Sorry, that was just too easy!

  3. Its always sad when they go away for another year everything looks empty! I have always been a great believer in packing things away properly that way they last and everything is so much easier next Christmas. Looking forward to the next time, hugs Susan x


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