Monday, January 6, 2014

Wacky Weather

First a snow storm.

Then an ice storm.

Have you ever heard of a "frostquake"?

(Known to experts as cryoseisms, frostquakes happen when moisture that has seeped into the ground freezes very quickly. It expands and builds up pressure, causing the frozen soil or rock near the surface to crack, emitting a sound that people have likened to a sonic boom.)

Well, I hadn't.  That was next. 

Which brings us to today.  

Information from Environment Canada and provided by CBC says….

"Temperature could drop to -40 C with windchill by Tuesday morning"

"Tomorrow is set to be the coldest January 7th ever they say. By a long shot." 
"Environment Canada predicts it will be -25 C tomorrow morning. That would smash the current record cold of -20 C, set back in 1968 (Environment Canada has been recording temperatures at our local airport since 1960.)"  "And that -25 C will feel worse due to a frigid wind chill. Environment Canada said it could feel as cold as-40 C in the wind, just three degrees shy of our all-time wind chill record, set on Jan. 19, 1994."
Hopefully the power won't go out again.  That wasn't fun - at all.  
Hello Spring?  Can you hear me?  


  1. Hope you are managing to keep warm & safe.

    The 6th was my first day back at work (which I spent most of trying to get dry). Not much fun virtually wading to the station only to find there has been no service for most of the early part of the "rush-hour".

    Whilst you are currently getting those horrid freezing temps we are getting gale/storm force winds and torrential never know, if your temps decide to migrate here we could get 'frostquakes' too.

    I'm in full agreement with you...Hurry-up Spring.

    Take care my friend.
    Toni xx

  2. Oooooer, that's really cold! Stay warm and safe my little elf!





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