Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's A Blog Party.....



Your Invited

To:  Everyone

Date:  Wednesdays

Time:  Now...or later.  The sooner the better

Place:  WOYWW


I'm so excited to be going to Julia's today to the WOYWW party!  Are you going?  You should!  Check on the links above to see more details.  Don't worry about what you're going to wear, it doesn't matter.  No one's going to be looking at what you're wearing....unless you show them of course!

Here's what I'm bringing to the party..

Gorgeous metal embellishments X 3
Scored these on sale for .99 cents each
Took them out of the packages so you could see just how
lovely they are!

My niece had a baby girl on Sept. 12th and we get to see her in a few weeks.  We have a family wedding and the proud parents and new baby will be coming up here to Canada from North Carolina.   Instead of mailing the card I want to add it to a little something for the baby and give it to them when they are here. They've named her Olivia Monique and she's just beautiful!  I'm sure your asking yourself why there are three of the same embellishments on plastic sheets there in the picture.  Well, for one, I haven't made the card as you can see and two, I have another niece due in January and my nephew and his wife are expecting in February.  Both their babies will be girls too.  What's wrong with being surprised any more?  Does everyone find out the gender early these days?  I wonder what I would have done if the technology had been available way back then?  Doesn't matter really cos it wasn't and I didn't find out and that was a kazillion years ago.  I was quite happy being surprised.  Now, I'm waiting for them to move out....LOL!!
Kidding!!!!  I think, well today so far any ways.

Hope you're coming to the party and do check out all the extra details by clicking on either of the links above.  We all want to see what you're bringing to the party!  You never know, we may end up bringing the same thing your bringing this week, to the party next week..... especially if it's good!

See you there!

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you're enjoying it!
Wishing you many wonderful creations



  1. What fun embellishments...they'll make an awesome presentation! Pop Art Minis

  2. A new baby to cuddle how wonderful is that? and two more soon. You know they are not always right with the predictions. I have a friend who was recently Surprised!! with a gorgeous baby boy....previously said to be girl. Just saying. Keep smiling and creating

  3. Hellooooo my Elfin Friend! Gorgeous baby card stash - make sure you show the finished cards :) Olivia Monique is a lovely name - one of our grand children is called Olivia, already Livi for short. She's the little terror who likes to press buttons and we have to hide the remote controls when she's here - gonna be an engineer when she grows up I reckon :) Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Di xx

  4. Your metal embelishments are so cute ...looking forward to seeing your cards.
    Sons partner didn't want to know the sex but when it was to be identical twins she gave in ...then when she was preggy with the next she was determined to wait but then she realized that if it was to be a girl she could get rid of all the baby boy stuff as she didnt want she gave in but it was another boy.

  5. I so love attending the WOYWW party! In fact it is the highlight of my week! I did not find out what I was having, we had the technology and it blew my friends minds that we did not want to know...

  6. new babies - lovely - love the embelishments

  7. Lots of family celebrations - how lovely! Those metal embellishments are really sweet and quite different for baby stuff :D xx

  8. oo lovely embellies... I don't understand why everyone wants to know these days. given the choice i dont think I would, but then mine is all grown up at 23 yrs old.

  9. Oh lovely embellishments.....I dont know all christmas stuff last week made me feel guilty anyway let you off as thanks to you my mojo is in the crimbo
    Have fab woyww and creative week
    hugs judex 13

  10. Those embellishments are sweet! What a great deal too! Can't wait to see the cards you will make with them!
    I am having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter!
    xoxo Karen

  11. I am with you, I would not have wanted to know the sex of my babies. I liked it being a surprise. Your cards will be wonderful with those embellishments.


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